Audio Performance Problems

I’ve installed my copy on Ubuntu 7.10 on my laptop… it works but… I dont know :wacko: … The audio seems to suffer from a quite “high” latency… also the “graphics”(for example the oscilloscope and the vu-meter) are not in realtime with the audio but there is a small delay between the two… I know of course this is due to my configuration ( since on windows XP, on the same machine renoise works extremely good)… so the question is : any suggestion for optimization? I’ve readed in a lot of places that linux users involved with realtime audio should install the “low latency kernel”… I do not have it at the moment (I’m using the generic one), should I install it?
anyway: thanks, I was waiting for it! very very good thing… pehraps it’s now time so say goodbye forever to my winxp :D !

RenoiseOS on a bootable DVD :)

check for list of processes that are running, in the terminal “ps -ax” command should give you some information, normally shift+page up/down works to see result ;)

edit: ati radeon one?

installing the realtime kernel is quite straightforward in Ubuntu:

in a terminal, run the following string:
sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-desktop

next time you will run linux, choose to run the kernelversion which name ends with “rt” (realtime).

you will surely notice huge performance increases

yes :) , Asus W3V

also, using jack as the audio backend speeds up the drawing of the frontend to i noticed. Had a lot of lagging with default alsa output, switched to jack and tweaked the buffers there, and got a smooth suprise :) (qjackctl is a handy program for configuring the jack audio server without messing with the command line)

Another tip: install the ubuntustudio-audio and ubuntustudio-audio-plugins packages from either synaptic or add/remove programs (or “sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-audio ubuntustudio-audio-plugins” in the terminal). This includes a lot of software and plugins.

Tip2: if you have just installed a copy, I would recommend installing ubuntu studio instead of the default ubuntu flavour. It has realtime kernel and a lot of other nice audio software in there from the get-go.

When I installed the ubuntustudio-desktop packages, after reboot I cannot choose in grub the “rt” or “realtime” kernel. I only have a realtime option in the audio pane in the preferences in renoise.

argh… please try with:

sudo apt-get install linux-rt

Glad to see I made right choice to use Jack right off, then…using Feisty here and it’s smooth as silk. I’m still digging the fact I can have Beryl running at same time since xt2 hated that…it would refuse to open so I had to make a separate session for running xt2.

… the saddest thing is that at the moment I am not able to connect to the internet with ubuntu :wacko: … so I can’t install nothing… realtime kernel…jack… nothink :blink: … I’ll have to wait…

be sure that your X windows uses proprietary ATI driver, I had a lot of GUI slowdown issues on these ATIs with open-source driver… some more info here

well I solved the problem… I only installed Jack and used it as audio interface. with the appropriate settings renoise now works very good!

easiest way is to install the ubuntu studio alpha version of 7.10 - realtime kernal included and loads of audio/video/graphical stuff included - couldn’t get jack running properly on edgy but everything works fine - even my edirol ua101 soundcard and compiz-fusion (not as good as beryl i admit but so close that it dont matter)