Audio Record In Pattern Editor

Sorry if someone else had this topic already on the go, but it’ll be great to have a fast way to record live audio, and a faster way could be to send a audio recording out of the sample editor, and then you just put the note command in the patter editor, then just wait till you get the groove, and just record…so you can loop easier.

Basicly it’s just adding a record, like in the sample editor, in the pattern editor.

“Basically it’s just adding a record, like in the sample editor, in the pattern editor.”


sorry if im stealing your topic but didn’t really get what you mean.

although what would be nice to see is pattern command for Synced start & stop for recording.
like punch in and punch out.

now for example if im jamming alone with my guitar what i do for sync start & stop recording is i lift keyboard from table to ground, jam along with pattern and when my riff is running smoothly along music i just continue playing and hit with my tip of the toe space to start & stop synced recording.

pattern command would be whole lotta load easier i would say.

:yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

cheers, cAMEL

I may be wrong but i think they gave us Rewire so that they didn’t have to do this for a while
From this version i kind of get the feeling they are rebuilding the backbone of Renoise and strengthening it to take the weight of all these features

And when they appear they will be slick

Hopefully hehehe


yeah i thought that too.