Audio Sculpture On Amiga?

I have just wrote some info on this Wiki (about Renoise for example ;) feel free to edit that article ;))

One thing I’m realy uncertain about though is that the Atari ST-tracker also was released on the Amiga. I have never heard about it but one guy still assert the oposit. Can somebody confirm or dismiss this information? I can’t find any infor about an amiga version, only info about player routines to play AS-mod on the amiga.

google <_<

I assume the audio sculpture listed there is what you’re looking for…

Thank you :) I’ll unpack this file when I’ll home from work and check so this isn’t just anather pack of the player routines.

I infact searched google pretty much but didn’t find much info.
Here for example is sites from Sync, the creators of AS and not even there you can read anything about a Amiga version.

If there was an Amiga version it can not have been very popular…