Audio Stutters If Renoise Left Open A Long Time

I wasn’t sure this was worth mentioning, but I have noticed lately after leaving renoise open overnight (8+ hours) and then playing the track that is open, the audio hangs and stutters, especially upon changing patterns.

This isn’t something that normally happens, just under those conditions.

CPU load is at a max of 30%.

It only happens the first time I play the song and the first time it changes from each pattern. If I scroll it back one pattern and let it play again, it does not stutter on that pattern transition, however it will on the next one that it hasn’t played yet.

Just to be clear, if I play the song through a second time everything is fine, and this only happens to if I leave it open overnight.

I don’t know much about programming but could it be a memory leak?

This will happe with any application htat uses a lot of memory. The system swaps all the memory to disk if you dont use it for a long time.

And no, Renoise is leak free :)

Sounds related to this problem so hopefully you will notice it cured in the next update?..

No, just the keyboard thing will be fixed. We would have to write an own OS to get this fixed (well, or try to use less memory)…