Start watching around seven minutes in, where the creator shows the real potential of this software. The concept is basically that time is shown on the Z-axis, in 3D space.
Perhaps not a good way to create a track from grounds up, but could be an interesting overview of the entire song.

(Feature request. Lol.)

Fucking incredible! That demo song is awesome!

I wonder why you’d post that 00.1? Other than that it’s a 3D visualization as well, it has barely anything to do with AudioGL in my eyes…

Makes me think of Tron making music. Cool stuff :walkman:


Saw this on the CDM blog, If I understand well it’s mainly based on automation (a la Audiomulch?) and shaping sounds in a modular environment. The 3D view is cool though (it’s more eye candy to me actually :confused: ).

Very intriguing and unique concept. Will definitely check out this software. Now, the video doesn’t really cover much of how you input/control/play your instrument, maybe this is the stuff he’s still working on?
I see the envelope editor being used a lot, but if the actual note sequencer is also a mouse-driven business, all I can say is thank god for rewire :slight_smile:

eye candy.

I had no intentions in derailing the thread, if it did to your eyes, I apologize.

I thought the video I posted had enough relation to AudioGl to warrant it being posted. Nothing complex in thought, just a simple “oh it reminds me of this”.

Its interesting that the automations look like EEG’s.

I could be wrong, but the synthesized sounds, sounds like sonic charge plugins. It sounds like their trademark no sample synths.

I think CADD type’s of software offers a plethora of insights and possible future electronic music interfaces, not only in the physical but in the imaginary.

I hope he gets the funding that he needs.

Oh and I almost forgot, there’s also a possibility for anamorphosis in 3D music sequencers. Maybe its a bit much imagination wise and the “looking to fill the void” spirit is trumping the practical musician side of me.

Yay that demosong justify by itself the devlopment of the software, can’t wait for the beta!

paid him 3 USD for the song, because i truly appreciate his efforts. this looks really, really cool, and i’m not talking about the 3d-stuff per se. the 3d is part eye-candy, part a different view on song composition and structure, and i think it could definitely have its uses. most of all i love it when some dude just makes this, and it makes me want to support, and i get a really cool song for it.

the thing i loved most about this, and the thing that makes this, in part, a feature request for me, is this:

Perhaps we should invite him to the Renoise Dev team. If he wants his development invested.

It looks like Guitar Hero 2025 btw.

I would track in 3d

This plus Kinect plus VR = no sleep forever

cool synth and
mindf**king visualisation concept :panic:

the demo says that sounds are designed in the xy dimension (well it’s a 3d music view but still a 2d editor then)

the automation envelopes are still edited through a classical 2d envelope xy graph technique

the developper should extend the 3d concept in the edition mode a bit more

it shouldn’ be that difficult to use the kinect device

since FREE sdks have recently been released by microsoft and Evoluce

maybe I’m wrong but in the tech demo I didn’t see for now any “midi-input-note-to-osc-freq” module in the right bar

I hope it’s implemented in the software otherwise it’ll be a pain in the ass to make music with this synth

Oh my, an AudioGL device :wub:

Even if it’s not directly related to this software, the kinect community of developpers is moving fast.

There are recent promising works in progress about kinect 2 Midi devices like that :

or that :

Seeing that it’s easy to imagine how the AudioGl software could allow users not only to manipulate the 3d view of the music, but also to modify the automation envelopes in realtime.


I like the visualization of the automation envelopes, crossing the modular patch, making the eye candy functional, but I’m not sure I could translate my music in such spaghetti mess, be easy to read, navigate through it. Will give this one a test run whenever it reaches a release.