Psh, it’s going to cost at least $200,- ($200,- for the download code at the release)
I’m out.

And early Beta ofcourse.

From my experiance with Buzz I know I would spend 90% of the time playing with the knobs and not making music. Guess it depends on one’s working habits. I am at the point where I need nothing more than I know now in terms of software and technical knowledge and need a lot of time and inspiration to make stunning music.

Besides, am I the only one who easily gets lost in three dimensional workspace? I spent a lot of time making student projects in AutoCad, now Catt Acoustic and I find 2d environments more clear and comfortable to work with.

I wonder what this tool can do that the others can’t, other than burning your brain to death.

For me it is just a visual eyecandy and a fascinating idea but, as other said, I don’t think I would be able to compose anything in that mess, primarily because I see no way to have a real overlook of what the whole song is playing like it is possible in a pattern.

And no: “pulsanting squares” are not my idea of “overlook of what the whole song is playing”

Just looked this up again to see progress… win beta coming in July, OSx beta in 2013…

The project is being crowdfunded AND he’s charging $100 just to betatest…

come on, dude. it looks cool but I have to pay you to test your project??
I’m sure it will be great but maybe it should be called narcissistGL?

“AudioGL is a subset of a much larger multimedia project.”

is it called autodesk flame?

The crowd-funding did not brought up the full amount that he needed but he still promised to release a Beta in July.
If you read further, you can read that upgrading to the full version will be another $80 bucks which means that you get a 20 bucks discount compared to those that invested the full $200 for it.
If you put this proposal in that light, it doesn’t sound that bad. Yes it is still an investment with risks but that is with every investment, but a lot of great stuff is realised with investments.
If you can’t take that risk, then wait until the outcome and see what beta testers are going to say first.

Yeah that’s too bad. I donated my $20 a while back…

He should have consulted Mr Caustic on running a successful Kickstarter campaign.
I’m not a fan of his music but damn that boy knows how to crowd-fund.

yeah, yeah I can do the math. My words were probably a bit over the top - $20 off is nifty, but it still seems a lot to ask the general public in blind faith to pay to play… ie there probably wont be a trial version. Doesn’t sound like much of a recipe for success but hopefully I’m wrong. I’m really anxious to get my hands on this beta and i wish him all the success in the world bringing this to fruition. It looks like jasuto on bathsalts, and I’m dying to know what the “larger multimedia project” is all about.

Well, as soon as i get my hands on Beta, i’ll let you know. The backstage mails i received so far don’t give away too much either.

im trying the beta (trial).
and already a small piece rendered.
i like it, so far.

aha, he has released a silent beta i see…

This looks really cool…


Wish I had paid more attention when this thread came up a few months back…

The pricing of the software has changed, so whoever joins Beta for 80 dollars, will get a free upgrade to the full version.

While people seem anxiously waiting for Renoise next version:
Jonathan needs more testers…
You can do already quite some fun stuff with AudioGL.
Specially synth creation and midi automation controlling is at a pretty workable level now.0.70 will come with ReWire and undo stuff (yes, there is still a lot of undo lacking).

I’m a bit torn about this. I like innovative new interfaces and modular routing. On the other hand, 3D interfaces look cool in movie scenes, but I’m not convinced that it can display information more effectively, given that the screen & your vision is 2D. Presumably, you’re not wearing stereo vision glasses or using some sort of 3D glove controller either. Seems like there are other ways to see the routing/controls + music data that would be less flashy but more efficient/usable.

Still, nobody has tried to make a 2D version of something like this. Audiomulch might be the closest thing to a 2D take on this, but doesn’t do sequenced note/pitch data (at least not without some effort), and I don’t think you can couple sequencing data the way it looks like you can here.

You are drawing and editing 2D, the 3D vision is only the eventual play show that you are running.

I’m trialing right now but I’m ‘stuck’ at a crucial point.
I want to trigger my synths while fiddling with parameters but I don’t have a midikeyboard connected. Is that even possible?

You will need a midi keyboard in audio gl, there isn’t currently any way to play notes using the pc keyboard. The only other option is to draw in the notes manually.

Ahh thanks for the answer!
Major bummer though :(


Hmmz, the latest version has ReWire support, i have not tested how much you can do through Renoise in aspect of using keyboard for inserting notes.
But then there also still are Midi keyboard emulators that allow you to use the pc keyboard as a midi keyboard and send this as midi data to the host application of choice.

Didn’t think about that, food for thought! :lol:/>