Audiomulch 2 Is Coming

Yiahaaa …1 may …
Audiomulch 2 will be released … :dribble:

Just when I thought I was gonna get some actual work done!

Oh wait… It’s been bumped to June.

shit …delyaed till june


Yay!!! (proud registered user since 1998)

I am wondering if all the ideas on mulch-discuss have been implemented, such as scripting…but I couldn’t find any info on the 2.0 release on the website?

Yeah. I just had a quick little look but they aren’t giving loads away… I hope there’s loads to give :o
Loving the new look… If only life were a rainbow coloured metasurface on a sleek black background…

probably still no rewire …

:o never seen this program before.

released . :) …µ :)
too bad still no rewire and midi send to vst ( so whey the heck does he support vsti’s? I wwan’t ctrl over them goddmt
Still a great program

How does it handle large vst folders?

I remember setting up version 1, and had it crash all the time scanning my folder. It didn’t give any notice which plugin was the culprit, so I couldn’t get past the scan and boot the program! Even trying a reinstall automatically started the vst folder scan (guess some configuration files remain on the computer after program removal)

Won’t bother trying this if I can’t use my vsts.

Well you can use your vst instruments , all you need is a vst midi plugin to send midi data to the vsti’s( or external hardware ) , if the vsti has a built in sequencer ( microtonic etc…) it get’s automatically synced to the master tempo.
Thing is …Audiomulch is great for it’s built in generators and effects …just give it a try
But to be hounest I really prefer plogue bidule

did you read my post at all? :) I know I can use vst(i)'s in it, but there is a problem when initializing the (large) plugin folder for the first time after setting it up in the preferences. It’ll crash and not tell you what plugin caused the crash.

My question was whether this was ‘fixed’ in the new update!

Yes I have ( even on Kvr :) ) sorry for not replying …experiencing a verry short attention span today ( due to to much alcohol consumption the night before …
I don’t know about the folder …seems like audiomulch doesn’t do anny scanning of folders …I have no problems with it whatsoever …