Audiophile Usb

And how does it go with Renoise? I’ve read the USB1.0 interface can be limmiting, but I’m not sure how. I’m thinking of getting this unit because there are drivers for 98SE, and I still have a work machine with that platform on it.

Good, bad?

(btw, we really do need a “tek” forum, please?)

Do simply not use USB Soundcards in Windows 9X. though the drivers maybe well, USB Spport in Windows 9X is not.

Windows 9x is pretty much passe if it comes up to USB devices.

If you worry about accessability of your XP environment you may always be able to use a Fat32 partition or use one of the many recovery cd tools around (BartPE / Super ERD from Winternals) etc.

If you want to use a good soundcard for your Win9x operating environment, stick to PCI.
Even when using XP, PCI will remain the fastest bus to reach (lowest latencies and all of that)

I am just wondering if mainboard manufacturers produce pcb’s with embedded audio devices of suppreme quality…

I know Tascam has a special server for audio processing services

Thanks for the replies/info. Yep, I’m coming around to the PCI idea…

Now, we really do need a “tek” forum. Who should I suggest this to?


Our tek-forum is called “Help & Support”

Serious hardware related problems and solutions will be copied to the tutorials hardware page references like this one…TsHardwareAudio

Thanks Vvoois, you guys are wonderful help :)

I was thinking back to picking PCI, but then someone said to be you get more power-related noise artifacts with PCI via the mobo, and suposedly less via USB.

Problem is, if I get USB it’s only USB1.0 with the Audiophile…

why don’t you get the audiophile firewire in stead? Then speed shouldn’t be a problem, also it would be more portable to any other system you might switch to, be it laptop or mac…

Personally I have the M-Audio FireWire Solo and am happy with that one, but if you’re on a budget and have to choose between needing MIDI i/o or XLR in (I don’t need the MIDI-ports, but have a condencator mic needing phantom power, that’s why I got this card) I guess it’s up to you anyways.

I really have no idea how to theorize about USB 1.1 speed affecting latencies in any musical software, but as far as I know it’s mostly a real issue when it comes to recording high resolution audio.

And if you don’t have firewire ports on your pc, they should be easily attainable.

I have one (and an Firewire Audiophile)

It was working great until I upgraded to OS X Tiger 10.4. :(

Speaking of money I’m thinking of saving that extra bit and getting the Delta 1010… Especially in terms of using it’s full features in the future for multi-channel live recording + 7.1 mastering. Thinking ahead to new possibilities…