Auditioning Samples Via Disk Browser Audio Routing

I’m using Renoise in a live, from scratch situation.

When auditioning samples from the top panel disk browser, the audio is always routed to the master track.

So, to combat this,

I have my master track routed to outputs 1+2>headphones
And a send device at the end of the effects chain on all tracks, in mute source mode, going to a send track routed to outputs 3+4>speakers.

Is there a simpler solution?

Sample/Instrument: a small slider will appear, which controls the volume that samples are pre-heard with. Clicking the small arrow next to the slider allows selection of whether the sample will be played back on the master channel or on the currently selected track. This allows you to pre-hear the sample file with the current track’s DSP effects (selected track) or not (master track).

Not sure if this is a simpler solution, but just pointing it out in case you wanted something other than “always routed to the master track”

However, I would have to have the master track selected for that to work and that only appears when I hit “more” to make the top panel larger.

Ah, OK, I see, scrap the above.
I’d still need a send track routed to different outputs and have it selected without all my send devices.
Makes it a bit more complicated, having to remember to select each time.