Auto Drum Mapping

I guess…

like this one?

No, more like. Auto DrumKitMap when you Drag&dropsamples into instrumentslot…

This is being discussed here:
Add your vote there. :)

I think you don’t need to really vote anymore as Taktik seems the matter actually defined in one of the upcoming updates.

Oh goodie!! :D

That leaves one happy full time Renoise-worker with a much improved workflow!!

It’s just brilliant to be able to recieve fullfillments of such needs when I happen to work more in RNS than normally… Beta is my happy hour!

The world is coming to and end when a single button is regarded as hindering workflow…

Nice news.

I only explain how i interpret Taktik’s own answer inside that very thread. It’s not what he explicitely told anyone or something.

There were more to it than that, new samples added would have their basenote reset when that button was pressed, even though you had changed that basenote one octave up or something.

Also, it’s all marked “done”, and everybody’s happy. :)