Auto Noteoff?

it sucks if you want to have a note-off after every note you put in, you have to do this manually which takes ages. Is there a way you can tap in notes then straight after you get a note-off?

Only when recording them.

The Imp.Tracker copy and special paste function would have been a tremendous solution in here: copy a selection and then with special paste toggled the selection is pasted on every position that you strike a note with the exact note-offset related to the original copied point.

I suppose you could use an envelope on the sample… Shit work around though…

I think he would like to automatically add the note-off only certain times, not everytime, so the envelope workaround is not what he is looking for. It that would be the case, the envelope would not be a workaround, rather it would be a great solution :)

Do you use a vsti or a sample?

If you use a vsti you can try to change the sound so that it end sooner if you 99% of the time want it to be released quite soon.

Then you only have to put a noteoff when you want it to be released earlier.

i actually want this auto-note-off thing so I can cure polyphony problems on crap vsti’s.

The NNA doesn’t apply to VSTIs but only to the internal instrument settings for it’s samples, use the Fx command in the panning/volume column instead to control cutting VSTI instruments.
But depending on the vsti, the fx command might also have different effects on it.

sorry, what’s the nna? :blink:

New Note Action


actually the note-off does work on vstis. at least it does on mda piano.

but what I want is this (look at pic) so you tap in any note and a ‘noteoff’ will automatically come straight after, this would be so usefull. sadly I don’t think it’s part of renoise (at the moment ;) )

NNA is not specific related to Note-off actions, but some of the forced actions like cut and continue don’t work on VSTI’s when sending them a note-off simply because VSTIs arrange their own instrument envelope behaviour when they receive the note-off (or new note) action.
I was actually confused with another topic where there was a complaint about notes not being cut even when explicitly set so my answer was totally unapplicable in the first place.

Note-offs have been a part of tracking tradition for a long time. ^_^ Have you tried binding your note-off key to something very accessible and getting comfortable with it? Just a thought. :)