Auto Pattern Insert On Record

It’d be nice to have a record mode that inserts new blank patterns once playback reaches the end of the song. Don’t know how awkward this is, sounds simple. Good for “freehand” stuff that isn’t too dependant on note positions.

  • Andreas



What an amazingly simple but wonderful idea. Makes me wonder why it wasn’t mentioned earlier. I guess some of us have to think less about dsp-madness and more and more about ‘ground level’ functionality.

Yes, I’d certainly use this alot.

Definetely a ++ Great idea

how trivial can good ideas get?
i’d absolutely love that feature!

There are so many things that can be improved when it comes to recording notes and other stuff. But then someone probably gonna tell me to go away and use cubase or something ;)

Just here to join the fanclub and repeat the phrase “this idea rox”
Although, I simply clone a lot of empty patterns when I’m to do freehand stuff, and it’s not THAT much of a struggle. :P

Maybe I’m the only wanker in this case, but couldn’t you just hold the insert pattern shortcut for a while and make 'm unique, take your record and delete unused patterns?
It sounds like a hell of a workaround but it should only take like, 5 seconds??

So you’re saying just because the user can copy a bit of a pattern out into a new pattern, resize the pattern down to match the length of the copied bit and then loop that, we shouldn’t have region looping? :)

I’m not saying this is a FIX for a horrible problem. I’m just saying most of us will find a use for it some day and thank god it’s there. If it’s implemented that is.