Auto Select Track By Instrument

So there is a tool that auto selects an instrument based on the first note here:

I’m looking for something that does the exact opposite:

I would like to scroll through my instruments and have a track auto selected rather than scrolling through tracks and having the instrument selected.

Ideally this is useful for a one to one type of setup where one instrument per track is sufficient.

However, going back and forth between pattern editor/mixer to select a track and record then back to the sampler to edit can be a bit cumbersome when you have loads of tracks(My default is 128)

Being able to scroll the instruments and know that when you’re ready to record it will be on a preassigned track would be great.

As always I’m willing to shell out some cash for this one. Workflow is my top priority here.

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See how this works. It was quite a while ago I made it :slight_smile:


Exactly. Man the forum is like a Genie lamp. Thank you so much man!!!

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