Auto Slicer?

Quite sure this dosen’t exist, but if it did I would be VERY happy

It’s a pain in the ass to select 8th note after 8th note after 8th note of a sample when I want to chop it up. It would be awesome if I could tell Renoise I want a sample split into 8th or 16th ors whatever and have it split it up for me and add all the samples to a new instrument, automatically mapped to the keyboard. Anyone else want this?

Simply do a quick search for beatslicer to see how many people have asked for this one. :) Who knows if or when it will be added, but there is certainly quite a demand for it.

In the meantime, enable the sync option for your sample (making sure that it’s been trimmed down to size accurately, so that it’s a perfectly loop). Then go into the sample editor and enable grid snap, and set the snap value to a measurement that you find useful. Now when you select parts of the sample, it will automatically snap to beats, or 8ths, or 16ths, etc., making it super easy.

You can also use the very handy “copy into new instrument” feature by pressing Left CTRL + Left Shift + Left ALT + C.

If you are making a multiple sample instrument and you plan to map chunks to different keys of the same instrument, then you can use the “copy into new sample” feature by pressing Left CTRL + Left Shift + C.

Make sure the sample editor is focused (by middle-clicking on it) before you use the keyboard shortcuts.

Oh yeah, I know about all that and use it. Even with those features, though, you still have to select he snapped 8th notes and copy to sample manually.

Yep. I do agree with you - doing it manually is a pain in the arse. I look forward to the day this changes. Just thought I would point out these time-savers just in case you hadn’t found them yet.

In the mean time I use auto-slicer Slicex by Image-Line, which makes it possible to save each slice as a wave.

You choose a map, and all the cuts will be saved there.

Saving it “For common use” will leave markers in the wave files. And saving " For sampler use" without the markers, but it will save ‘middle note data’. Eh yes, I don’t have a clue, that’s what the help file says haha. oO

Get them all in one instrument, you generate the drumkit and tadaa. :)

yeah its a great fast way to slice up breaks and make them into renoise instruments :yeah:

Hello, thank you so much for sharing this vincentvc…

…the only problem one faces with even this method, is that we do not have an overall / master “tune” swithc, that would apply easily to all the slices - even within an instrument.

There are some serious - but not that big - modifications that IMO should be considered in the GUI of Renoise to take it up to speed with the other beats manipulation software. How to handle multiple clips parameters with just one slider for example is one of the important ones.

…But thanks for sharing…

scripting? :)

yes scripting, but WHEN?

when 2,6 gets released :rolleyes: