Auto Solo Selected Track And Horizontal Scrolling In Pattern Editor


this post is about a potentially unwanted behaviour of the ‘Auto Solo Selected Track’ option and horizontal scrolling in the Pattern Editor:

  1. Create a new song.
  2. Select the Pattern Editor view and decrease the Renoise-window size so that not all tracks are visible.
  3. Switch on ‘Auto Solo Selected Track’ under Options.
  4. Use the horizontal scroll bar in the Pattern Editor. The cursor in the Pattern Editor will move from one track to the next automatically ‘solo’-ing all tracks it passes along the way.

This happens in the latest stable release 2.7.2 and the latest beta versions 2.8B6 (both 32bit and 64bit) running on Win7 64bit.

My proposed behaviour would be to not move the cursor in Pattern Editor while scrolling horizontally. In Mixer view for example, the selected track isn’t changed while scrolling and no sudden ‘solo’-ing takes place.

Regards and thanks for the new features in 2.8!

Basic idea coming from a different angle posted not long ago. See Taktik’s response below.

Hi, and thanks for the link. Indeed, this probably ends up in a debate whether or not the cursor position should be altered due to scrolling. If the cursor is following the scrollbar as it is implemented now, it is not only effecting the currently active track. All the tracks the cursor ever passed during the scrolling end up being ‘solo’-ed which seemed unnatural to me.

It’s certainly not a big deal … music can still be made. :)

We do shift the selected track in such cases in the pattern editor, so that you !always! see where note/FX edits do end up. This is not a problem in the mixer. This might be a bit unusual, but IMHO is pretty important in this case.

And if we shift/change the selected track, it should also update the auto-solo state.

Yet you allow recording of parameters with a Right-Click with Edit Mode Off when you can not see either the Pattern Editor or the Automation Lanes (two places where it may be recorded)…