Auto Sort And Or Joining Notes From Different Tracks

I love splitting old .mods or the programming of a track in the pattern editor into separate tracks, which is possible through scripting ( & ), but would like some kind of inverse as well, joining similar instruments into the same track!

I’m pimping a bunch of .xm’s at the moment that sometimes have the same programming (= similar in content, for example doubling up melodic lines with an offset to create echo’s) spread out over multiple tracks. Splitting all tracks would create great redundancy.

It would be great if a tool could automatically sort the content of patterns so the same instruments are collected and joined into ‘dedicated’ tracks. Especially handy for these old .xm’s & it’s where often tracks occupy the same different instruments weaved throughout.

Additionally I’d like to be able to select the track blocks in the pattern matrix, right mouse click and do some action like ‘join tracks into 1’, so it you can join anything into one track also.



Think merge would be the commonly used English word.

Would this combine tracks, using separate columns? Or would be be more like doing a Copy&Merge of the tracks on top of each other?

yes! Merge it is :) .

I was mainly thinking about separate columns and have ‘on top of each other’ optionally. There will obviously be limits to how many tracks can be joined in one, keeping in mind the per track limit of amount of columns. But, I think the current 12 possible columns per track is sufficient in most cases :) . Depending on what you want, with ‘on top of each other’ there is a possibility notes overlap, maybe only in these cases extra columns are used?