Auto Tunnning Of Samples

Sometimes, when I create instrument from multiple samples, I waste a lot of time to calibrate “Sample settings” for each sample: base note & fine tuning.

It would be great if Renoise could be able to detect fundamental frequency of a sample and adjust these two parameters accordingly.
Of course I know it is not an easy task in general, but perhaps simple FFT and peak detection algorithm would be satisfying in most cases.

I imagine an button in Sample editor (called for example “auto tune”) which could transform selected range of edited sample to frequency domain (by FFT in overlapping windows), detect peak, and modify “base note & fine tuning” in sample settings.

I would be very happy to see this in renoise, have just been thinking along these lines recently regarding some issues.

Don`t have a clue on difficulty of implementation/ time, but a +1 dependent on that…

Just for my information how works the finetuning in terms of numbers?

Here is a VST tuner which gives info in a number of values:


If im not mistaken you can already tune an instrument relative to frequency in renoise.

You can do this manually by ear, but no auto mode exists, unless I`m mistaken here :)

Yes. Sample-Auto-Tuning or a Visual-Sample-Tuning-Help would be great (got thousands of samples which got no tuning-info in their filename and my auditorial-cortex isn’t conditioned very well on note-recognition, so i want machine-support ;!)