Auto-Zoom Played Slice

Been playing around a little with slicing today (yeah I know it’s old but one of the new features I’ve barely touched yet) and there is something I’ve found could be a great help for making adjustments after getting it close with the auto-slice feature. As I see it there are two possible ways this could be achieved.

  1. Option similar to the Auto-Select Played which Auto-Zooms Played Slice. You would stay on the main sample and it would zoom in so that the currently played slice fills the majority of the screen, with a little leeway either side (Handles - which is the name used when ingesting/digitising from an edit decision list in case you decide you want a bit before or after you have marked out.)

  2. Allow adjusting of slice start and end from within the view of the individual slice. Then you would use the existing Auto-Select Played but with Sliced instruments you would see the Handles mentioned above and be able to move the Marker from this view. (Once moved view would update and return handle size to normal.)

To avoid opening a new thread, I’d like to suggest something related.

How about allowing the sample editor’s waveform view to be split along verticals (minimum of 2 splits), so that the cursor/play position would be synced between the splits, but the splits could be zoomed in and out separately. This would allow us to have, say, one zoomed-out view to keep our bearing, and two zoomed-in views for fine-tuning our marker positions.

And/or a zoomed view of the currently selected marker in lieu with the loop zoom feature.