Autochop And Randomization?

im making wobble dubstep/trip-hop atm and im looking for a way to automate slicing and triggering. the idea is that it could lead to interresting combinations i would not have figured at first.
the goal is to set a bunch of samples, cue points on the attacks, sit back and listen to the computer playing everything randomly.

i suppose it could be rather easy but i really dont know wich tools i could use to achieve this!

any idea is welcome, thanks a lot folks!

download glitch set all effects to 0 percent except Shuffle 50% and retrigger 25‰ . now that you mention it, it would be nice if the native lfo device could trigger the assigned offset markers.

Also, give my latest tool a try called MashUp - only thing you’ll need to do is (1) autochop (that means the auto slice button in renoise in my book, just next to the ‘50%’ box) and then (2) fire up mashup with a keyboard shortcut and type math.random(N) in the edit field; finally (3) set the count with the slider just below the text box and press enter.
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