Autocreating Keyzones For New Samples

In Renoise 2.6, there was a nifty feature that if you had at least two samples consecutively in your instrument keyzones (so one sample at C-4, the next sample at C#4), the next sample you added would automatically be added as a keyzone at D-4, with basenote set correctly to D-4 as well. This was very handy when doing for example guitar recordings.

In Renoise 2.7 this doesn’t seem to be automatic anymore. Is there any way to achieve the same functionality in the new version without adding the keyzone manually?

It’s semi-automatic. You can actually start with an instrument that just has a single sample, then use the generate drum kit function, and then begin adding new sample splits to it either via cut and paste or dragging new samples in there from the disk browser. The drum mappings will automatically be created for you one by one. Pretty handy indeed, and I can confirm that it’s working pretty much the same way in 2.7 as it did in 2.6. In 2.6 you needed to have at least two splits to begin with, but in 2.7 it seems to work with one.

Alright! Not quite as automatic as in Renoise 2.6, but close enough. :wink:

Yep, exactly.