[???] Autodebug Can Lead To A Crash

I tend to set autodebug so the main dialog pops up, and edit with an external editor. Sometimes when I have a syntax error, and correct it while the error popup is open, then save the file, renoise reloads and restarts the script (popping up its dialog). If I then click away the error message, Renoise crashes “normally” (i.e. giving a countdown and saving a crash backup)

Hey Johann,

any chance to replicate this problem? Maybe you could share a script/tools there this used to happen frequently?

It happens so often lately that I kinda assumed it always happens under described circumstances. But I don’t think it’s a biggie, since when you enable autodebug you kinda know what’s going on there,

I’ll see if I can cook up an example.

Are you maybe removing menu entries dynamically in that script you are debugging, working on? Theres one bug in the current beta which can cause crashes under some circumstances when doing so. Beatlsaughter found this one but its already fixed for the next beta…

no, that’s not it, I’m only adding and never removing them…

it’s hard to put my finger on it… with autodebug, it only happens when the terminal is closed and the error messages don’t get printed there, that’s for sure. whenever I tried to reproduce it I couldn’t, it just happens sometimes. but I’m keeping an eye out for it.