Autofocus patern problem

I don’t know if this is the right place but I do have a question.

I’m encountering a problem when trying to edit patterns. If i use the + & - buttons to scroll trough my samples/instruments the focus on the pattern editor turns off, and then i have to reach for the mouse and click again on the pattern editor. after 2 hours this is driving me completely nuts. Is there some tiny hidden switch where this behavior can be changed?


It sounds like you want to enable: “Lock Keyboard Focus” in the View menu

This will limit focus to the pattern editor an matrix when you are in the main edit tab.

Hi, I have another question.

What if I want to edit rhythms across patterns, like shifting the rhythm of an entire track in the song by one measure, can I do that? and how?


Shifting the rhythm of an entire track in the song

Advanced Editcontains a feature called Nudge (under Quantize), which will do just that.

It refers to each line as a 100 units, to to nudge something you would enter 400 (or push the button four times)

Alternatively, if you want to work within a single pattern and have the content appear at the top or button (instead of being nudged into the previous or next pattern), use the Rotate Pattern tool.