Autolearn In Vstautomatedevice...

when i need to automate a vst parameter , after adding the Vstautomatedevice to the track i have to find the refered CC parameter of the certain controller, then i could record the automation by either VSt gui or vstautomatedevice, well … everything is fine , but what about when there are so many vst parameters to automate ?like 300? and ofcourse i dont know and i cant obviously memorize the CC parameter . isnt there anykind of autolearn or something for that ? so i dont have to look for the CC thing?

well, ive read that topic . I smiply dont have any midi controller with knobs on it . i record automation my tweaking the parameter in the VSt gui by mouse and because i do not know the CCmaps of a certain knob in the gui ,i need that autolearn , so that when i move something in the VSt gui ,Renoise learns what i did , and gives the corresponding CC map for that . is it possible ??

Sorry, I misunderstood you. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s possible to do what you want yet in Renoise. In the meantime you simply have to choose the parameter name manually from the dropdown list inside the VstiAutomateDevice. In most VSTi’s these parameters are clearly labelled in the GUI like “OCS1 Volume” or “Filter Cutoff” or “LFO1 Frequency”, etc., so you shouldn’t need to memorise any MIDI CC values, you just need to match up the name from the GUI with the name in the parameter list.

But there are an awful lot of VSTis without proper Labeling of the CC Values (even commercial ones). So I am all in favour of this suggestion, to tick a box called “I want to automate this”, wiggle a knob in the VSTi, viola. And not find out which of the five CCs called “Freq” is the one I want.

Oh I totally agree.

And while we’re on the subject, it would be cool to have some of this functionality on VST effects as well. For example, you press record in Renoise, wiggle some knobs in the effect’s GUI, and then automation envelopes are automatically created for all of the movements you performed.

Obviously we already have some of that type of functionality by being able to record the slider movements in the DSP chain, but let’s face it, those little sliders aren’t exactly the most versatile of controls. Many VSTs such as Buffer Override provide a very nice X/Y pad control to adjust 2 parameters at the same time, making it very expressive and fun to play around with, so it would be great to record these motions into Renoise in the same way.

ohlalala midiCClearn in needs, indeed!!!

i remember that i was whining about this yearz ago and receiving from ppl was sumthing like “shut the f**** up, you lil swein”

word… would be SOO COOOOOOLLL :) <3

If this was implemented for the effects aswell then it’d be even more bliss to compose with Renoise <3