Automatable Custom Track Delays

Kind of late, but I’d imagine this one is piece of cake to implement.

I sometimes use custom track delays to match sounds to ticks correctly. For example with Kontakts string patches when I use staccato I compensate with negative amount so that the peak of staccato sample matches to ticks.

Would be really nice if you could automate the custom track delays, so that you could use only one track for this kind of situations if you only use staccato sometimes.

I understand this could be problematic if the delay actually delays the audio signal and not just the triggering.

Btw, why is the delay range so limited?

I think the track delay value is limited because it is merely meant to compensate for latency ( when routing audio back into renoise ) …therefore a soundcard that p)roddues a latency of 100 ms is huge …

The reason you want an automatable track delay is because you want to change it over time?

I guess you can adjust the track delay to whatever amount you need, and then insert an (automatable) delay device, bringing it in sync when you need it?

You sir, are a genius :)

Why didn’t I think of that in the first place.

Well, I really don’t care what it is designed for, but what it could be used for. I just don’t see any good reason why it is so limited, because if it wasn’t it could be used as manual plugin delay compensation instead of external plugins. (Some plugs just don’t report the latency correctly, so this is needed)

Yep. I definitely second that one. I want “Track Delay”-Automation. Missing it right now…