Automate between samples being played on one note?


Does anyone know how to do this (or something similar): (switch between samples being played on one note with automation or midi) in Renoise, Battery 3 (if it does it in battery 4 then I may have to look at an upgrade), Kontakt or Logic 9?

It’s for a nice smooth way of switching samples between one drum pattern (rather than writing many different patterns).

To give you an example of the effect, go to the video and skip to 5:50 and he demonstrates the effect . The section is played and the samples changed with automation (in this case, the ableton macro). :drummer:

I’ve been building some pretty large drum .xrni’s lately, some of them I needed to be able to switch between multiple snares but keep them on the same notes. What I did was to create a modulation for each snare with an operand and assign a macro to the operand scaling 1-2. Now I have a macro controlling the volume of each snare, so I just turn down the volume of the snares I don’t want.

Now to apply this to what you want to do, macro’s can be automated with the *Instr. Macros meta device. If you want to face smoothly between 2 samples, it’s just a matter of putting the 2 macro’s on a hydra, setting their ranges opposite each other (set one from 0%-100% and the other to 100%-0%) and now you have a single slider you can automate to do this.


Easier way to do this, just use one macro for both operands and reverse their ranges, then you just have to automate the one macro. XRNI example:

Cheers man. :) For alternating between 2 samples that works great. :drummer: :walkman:

Yeah, when I was playing I figured this out.

I’m trying to work out how to switch between multiple samples per note now. I’m tired, haven’t slept, so it’s taking a while. I’ve tried playing with operands, different values for the input and the macros, and trying * / + - , but no luck so far. Also attempted something with a hydra and several macros, but still nothing exact.

If you’re more experienced with operands, and hydras, macros, etc, can you think of how to have multiple samples go on and off (as in the video) with the turn of a macro, or the movement of a hydra?

Instead of using sample modulation sets, you could use the internal dsp chains instead, it would give you several possibilities how to implement this.

I’m listening. Haha. :walkman: Can you elaborate?

I’ll never find it now but once upon a time I think I asked how to crossfade 4 samples by automating an XY… actually automating with an XY shouldn’t be to hard, what this was using an lfo to slowly morph between them.

Oh and the reason I use modulation sets for that and not effects chains is so you don’t have any buggery with processing the .xrni through multiple tracks.

I wanted create something like vector synth (morph between 4 samples by one macro). Does anyone know the trick?

akiz:simply crossfade between them

Gova, could you instruct me, or link me to the information on how to crossfade between them?

And any other possibilities of how to implement this?

I cannot currently figure out how.

Thank you :)

i’m not at home so can’t give an example or detailed explanation, crossfading is simply fading one in and the other out
I’ll post an example in a couple of hours

It is not what i wanted (and maybe i am offtopic) but
let’s say i have 4 waveform (sin/saw/tri/sq) and i wanna macro that would switch between them (left position: sin, middle position: something between saw and square, right position: square…)
I know how to modulate between two waves but i dont know how to make it with three or four)

Just adjust the envelopes to what you want at what position.

I am getting it now. Will try, thanks

Thank you. :)

I’m still a bit confused though. How do you organise it so you automate between samples, rather than have an LFO doing the changes?

Thanks for your help so far.

You can use the formula device, or if you’re fine with doing it manually, an XY pad.

Sorry. I may be being a simple simon. Still not sure exactly how to go about it, so I can switch between more than 2 samples using a macro/automation, so only one note is playing at a time, changing between the samples depending upon the position of the macro/XY/automation, etc.

Outside of the “cool” ways to do it, for any number of samples you want to crossfade, it’s just a matter of fading one in and fading one out with automation or interpolated volume column values (which is messier looking for drums). You may have 3 or 70 samples you want to be able to crossfade, but at any one time in a song you’re only going to be dealing with 2 at a time, and it’s just a matter of bringing one in and sending one out.

I made a few modifications to gova’s example:

Still the same instrument (4 waveforms), but switching is done by a doofer in the DSP chain - it’s basically the same approach but without adding effects to the instrument. Also, switching is done with point envelopes to achieve the “instant” type of switching that you desired.

If we had a “response curve” type graph for macros, this entire example could be made with a single macro, all contained within the instrument. I guess that is the current downside to this approach.