automate BPM, LPB and OCT???

This is a purely selfish request though one that would make switching “kits” built within instruments or VSTi’s a breeze. I use Renoise Live with a Roland td-20 drum kit and have always managed switching kit sounds within a song by simply routing each kit to seperate track and using volume automation. At times i will be only playing one kit but will still be hogging CPU because the multi-layers of kits are still being triggered in tracks that have volume automated for off. with OCTAVE automation or command, it would be easy to build four,five,six kits within one instrument and then send a command so my roland kit triggers at root octave 4 instead of 3. Selfish request because i wouldn’t imagine a majority has any use for this, but would be AMAZING for me and my bandmates who use midi guitar, midi bass and midi drums with RENOISE as our core. The new appraoch to the instrument setup has made building kits a dream within renoise. soooooo many possibilities. THANKYOU!!!

So when i hit the “midi map” the OCT button shows it can be mapped. anyone have any solutions to controlling this without having to assign it to a controller slider/knob on a seperate box? a simple command like ZO 01 would be awesome. ex- you have kiks mapped on c-4,c-3,c-2,c-1 in your instrument. so by entering ZO 02, ZO 03 etc… you would be able to change kik sounds while playing live and still hitting the c-4 key/pad.

maybe i am missing an easier solution?

-and please excuse that i am replying to my own topic.