Automated Arpeggiations

i just saw this video on youtube

is this possible in renoise?havent used that technique myself before,so how do you guys do that stuff in renoise?

He’s just using the arpeggiator to retrigger the sound super fast.

I used that technique in Live to make up for the fact that I didn’t have the 0exx pattern effect, before I started using Renoise.

That is not really arpeggiating.
It is just the FL way to do retrigger. IMHO a workaround that requires a lot of procedures before you can get something going in there while this can be done in only a few steps in Renoise.
Just fumble with the 0EXX command and the ticks per line in the song-settings:

Load up Phazze’s Retrigger and Delay tutorial from the help menu and there you got your Renoise Equivalent example.


Also theres a bunch of vst which can create similar or better results like, dfx bufferoveride (scroll down):