"automatic" Drumkit

Right now, you have a drumkit of, let’s say, two samples… then you add another one and have to press generate drumkit again. Not so cool.

Suggestion 1: let the generate drumkit assign all the notes, even if there are no samples loaded.

Suggestion 2: assign a new number (to a note) to each new sample that gets added. Automatically.


+1 :)

So if you had it that generate drumkit automatically resolved every key this would then be ready for any samples that are added at a later date, and if you changed your base note this wouldn’t be messed up later…

Yes, exactly.

I hate it when my Basenotes get resetted.

I agree completely with this suggestion!

Yea, this would be great indeed.

It would be nice to shift the basenote to a different position for the kit than just plain C-4.
But with all the stuff being saved as XML in the next edition, you would be capable of writing such tool on your own.

I already tested it by writing an automated Renoise Instrument generator, just drag and drop a rootfolder with samples (inside subfolders) onto the tool and it automatically creates an instrument file per folder or per set of files that you dragged upon it (and automatically generates a drumkit at basenote of choice).

I don’t know the .rni format though, so couldn’t adapt the routine to make it work for current public Renoise version.