Automatic Panning Value For Specific Sample?

I haven’t come across this kind of feature in Renoise. If anything like this isn’t implemented yet, I still believe that it could be useful for somebody. Having Renoise to insert sample-specific default pan value to the tracker roll for each note in any sample or note in any instrument would make creating stereo drumkits easier. For example, if I had six different tom samples in a single instrument triggering from different notes, each note (or at least sample) would be automatically given a panning value that is specified in, for instance, instrument editor. This way I wouldn’t need to manually insert pan values for each note. Currently, the only panning control I’ve came across controls the entire instrument and it doesn’t suffice.

Same applies for volume/velocity also. Some synthesizers have MIDI patches with velocity-switching or velocity-controlled filter. I’d like to see a possibility to give other default velocity values than unspecified (practically 7F).

For a drumkit you could use the sample properties on the instrument settings tab, to pan/amplify the samples seperatly. When you select a sample in the sample list from an instrument, it should change for each used sample.

That seems to work somehow for the panning and should pass with my application. However, if for some reason I want to give another pan value to the tracker, that sample panning value doens’t get overridden, instead they are kinda “multiplied”. This way there is a possibility for an extreme situation, where the sample panning is set full right and tracker panning for a note is set full left, causing nothing to be heard.