Automatic Sideway Step

first post here, I couldn’t find the answer anywhere else.
Is there an option to have the cursor step sideways automatically when I enter a value?
At the moment to type something like 01xy I need to move with the arrow key every time I enter a key, which feels really counter-intuitive.
So I have to press 0 -> 1 -> x -> y rather than just 01xy.

It is just a little things, but so far is my only issue with Renoise.

Also, I’d like to say that for some reason renoise had my creative juices flowing like no other DAW, I haven’t felt so excited about some audio software since that distant day when I stumbled upon the Free Tuareg. That was the beginning of my adventures in electronic music. Renoise brought me back to that excitement.

tab = move cursor one step to the right
SHift+tab= to the left

sorry thats not right, works only to swich between tracks but not for the effect colums. i dont know if there is a option to change this.

100% agree! that`s exacly what happend to me when i get in touch with renoise :)

It would be nice to have a mode to stick within an effect column until the last slot in it, and then jump down the specified number of lines.

I was thinking of something similar, it would make data entry easier.

Thanks for all the replies.

You again :D

yep :P

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no war with gentleclockdivider ;)

We are kidding,

We are kidding

As far as I can tell no there is not. Would be nice if an Edit Step of 0 moved you to the right one position per button press for entering values.