Automatic Versioning

It would be nice to have (optional) automatic versioning when saving a .RNS file. Sometimes I’ll want to make a major change to my song, but want the option to go back in case I don’t like where the changes are going. To that end, I find myself switching to Windows Explorer to make a backup copy and rename it before I get started on the changes. It would be nice it Renoise would (optionally) automatically keep and rename version of your old .rns files when you save.

For example, say my song is called “coolsong.rns” and I make some changes and save it. Renoise would rename the existing “coolsong.rns” to “coolsong.1.rns” and save my work into “coolsong.rns”. Later, after I’ve made some more changes, I save again. Now Renoise renames “coolsong.1.rns” to “coolsong.2.rns”, renames “coolsong.rns” to “coolsong.1.rns” and finally saves my current work into “coolsong.rns”. So everytime I make a change and save it, Renoise automatically would rotate the old ones out and save a new one. There would obviously have to be an option to limit how many old copies it keeps around of course.

I always backup my songs by adding a number to it. Like your solution but the other way around. When I want to keep a backup I rename it to “songname2.rns” in Renoise… no need to go to explorer… and then I just stop working on the original “songname.rns”. No need for an automatic version handler when this works. :)

Yeah that’s true. Guess I’m just lazy. :lol: