[automatically done] Any way to recheck plugin latency?

Is there any way to recheck plugin latency?

Some plugins have adjustable latency or latency chances according to other settings and I can’t figure out any way to tell Renoise it should recheck plugins latency. Removing plugin and adding it again works in some cases, but this is very plugin dependant.

I think previously PDC button (which is now replaced by MIDI MAP button) could be used to do this by disabling and enabling PDC again, but Automatic Plugin Delay Compensation setting under Options tab doesn’t seem to work same way.

Currently not, but i can understand that if you change settings within the plugin, that they may report a new latency and this needs to be adjusted.
However there may perhaps also be plugins around that may not update latency settings after these changes are made (are not aware) or simply do not report the changes to their host. In that case, i doubt much can be done.

We’re already checking/updating every plugins reported latency when:

  • sample rate and other audio buffer settings do change
  • any plugin parameter did change
  • every time when starting to play the song

Yep, the latency settings always automatically update for me. It’s probably the plugin you are using.