Automatically Enable/disable Plugin Delay Compensation


I don’t know what your experience with PDC is but I am missing a little feature: automatically disable PDC when song is not playing and enable it when pressing play.

The purpose is that when you play on a keyboard when the song is not playing, you get the smallest latency out of the hardware and still have PDC when playing the song.

This would avoid setting the PDC on and off manually everytime.

Depending on the hardware, PDC can add a lot of delay (I have already seen it adding 300ms) .

Am I the only one missing such a feature?

would be a good thing in certain scenarios, but it wouldn’t help if your delay causing plugin(s) is (are) sitting on the master track.

what i always wondered about however, is the fact that even if you turn off the latency hog (by the check flag in the upper left corner), it will still cause latency.
it would be nice if that wouldn’t be the case…