Automating Bpm/Tempo

Is there a way to change the bpm other than using the effect column? Hexadecimal is very incompatible in this instance otherwise, I abandoned the idea a while ago because I couldnt do it, but lets say you wanted to have your patterns at say 360bpm, the main bpm you are using is 280. This is difficult to do, and if you wanted a slowdown bit, its annoying to do in the column.

Can I automate bpm like any other dst etc, so that I could have cubic increases/decreases of tempo?

if you don’t want to interpolate between pattern-commands controlling bpm/lpb then you are fucked! Would love to have it controllable through drawing an envelope in the automation editor.

Double the LPB, split the BPM. Easiest option I can come up with.

How though? it isn’t possible to make it support 280 and 360?

If you have a song that is 120 BPM @ 4 LPB, then changing to 8 LPB without expanding the pattern data means that your song is now running at twice the speed. In other words, you’re running at 240 BPM instead of 120 BPM. If you were to change to 12 LPB then you’d get 360 BPM. And so on…

Gonna play havoc with tempo-synced effects though!

That is very true: you will have to make some adjustments elsewhere to compensate for the double/triple/quadruple/etc timing.

It’s certainly not a perfect system, but it’s all we’ve got at the moment.

I’ll get back to you on how I fair. Most synced effects can be automated not sync etc so it may not be all bad.

What got me thinking of it was Doctor P - Switch up.