Automating Effect On / Off

I have a passage where I temporarily want to automate an effect turning on and off, specifically a low pass filter.

How do I do this? I understand how to automate effect parameters, I just need to know whether it is possible to automate effects on and off or if I have to setup the effects themselves, automate them, bounce down to audio, then remove the effects. I’d prefer the former, if possible.

Many thanks, in advance!



If you want to activate, say, the first device in the track’s DSP chain, you just enter the command 1F01 in the appropriate track’s effect column, on the row where you want the effect to come on.

Then, you enter the command 1F00 on the row where you want the effect to be switched off.

If you want to activate the second, third, fourth device etc, just replace the first 1 in the ^ command with 2,3 or 4 (and so on).

So the command is xF01 to activate, xF00 to bypass.

I learned this command from the hints displayed in the bottom left of the screen, when I was clicking the on/off tick box for an effect.

Hope that helps.


Thanks! You rock! I’ll try it out as soon as I get my girls to bed.


That worked perfect! Thank you very much for the tip!