Automating Groove Settings

i have a song with a grooved up verse (80%!!!), want to switch off the groove for the chorus, any hints and tips?


i don’t think it’s possible to automate those sliders - but WOW, that would be an awesom feature, overgoing what i’ve seen offered by linearbased sequencer.

+1 for this functionality

+1 total groove
+10000infinityzeroes for groove automation midi mapping whatever per track!

In most sequencers you can alter the groove quantisation whenever you want, on every 16th beat if you like.

you could program your track in 3/4 (patternlength hex: C0) and place the accents on every 12th (hex: 0C) for 4/4 and go ‘groovy’ by placing accents on every 16th (hex: 10).

also, if you use F0XX for altering the speed, you can program a similar swing in your track.

Oldskool tracker groove (using speed or tempo switching commands) is currently the only way to go…

if these sliders could be automated like other sliders in renoise, it would bring groove quantization to new heights! we could for example draw envelopes to make everything GRADUALLY move from straight beat to groovy beat during a pattern - something i never would have bothered to try if had to program it.

what i am trying to say is that with a feature like this, it would be a lot easier to experiment with groove changes :)

+1 for this,it would be cool to experiment with this

DEFINITELY want this feature.

In my opinion, the Groove Settings should be moved from the Song Settings section and made into a Track DSP device.

It should also be possible to have different groove settings for each track (that would be a bitch to program though, I am sure!)

If we get it as a dsp, then the device could be automated!


I’m sure this would be reallllllllllllly hard to do… but it would be amazing :D

Yeah, I guess it would be very tough, but it would f****ing RULE. Imagine a Groove Settings TrackDSP device, for each track! Wow!

yeah it would be niiiicee :dribble:

you could render your song to separate audio tracks then also render the parts you need without the groove setting (separate tracks or as pattern render), then edit the parts back together in a other tool

edit ok just saw the date of the first post n/m :P