Automating 'selected Split's Basenote'

Dear everyone,

As as many around here I am a complete renoise n00b, so please try to understand im not joking :P

I know its probably impossible the way I suggest but other suggestions are more than welcome too.

What Im trying to achieve is the following effect; you keep pressing a note (say, the Z, the lowest on the keyboard) and then adjust the ‘Selected Split’s Basenote’.
Simple as that, so I want my note to change fluidly up and down.

Any help appreciated.

(sorry for teh grammer)

Sheesh, got it…
Effect 01xx an 02xx :wacko:


No sweat, you can also use the 05xx to fluidly slide from the previous note to the current note that carries the command so the portamento is controlled / limited. The xx determines the speed to use to slide to it.

You can also use multiple commands using the same end note to control the portamento across the amount of rows you want to have it slid up.

Thanks man! :D
You rock!! O