Automation across pattern?

Maybe I’m missing something, but is it possible to draw automation lanes across several patterns? Let’s say one line from beginning of the song to end at once. I only can do it pattern by pattern, which is tedious sometimes.

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You can use the line switch (second switch on the left) to draw 2-point lines (start and end) between various patterns…


Thanks, really strange that I never tested this :joy:

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Heh, I also never zoomed out so far :rofl:


the line switch (second switch on the left)

Haha, I never noticed that… THANKS! Renoise needs achievements, so we can have a way to tell all the stuff we have never used ^^

I always marked several patterns in the sequence editor, right and select organize -> join. For cubic curves that’s still the way to go I guess.


Hm, I am now trying this (I think again). Sadly drawing across pattern doesn’t work too well, for example it does not work if the right pattern target point is on the first line, also the line tool doesn’t seem to snap to existing points in the inactive pattern (I almost never use it due that weird behaviour that a new line stays “opened” until you set the target point, feels like a bug). Maybe it is time for a tool “draw a fucking precise line in between two pattern separated points, gosh”


For the above 2 problems, here is a workaround.

  1. Line tool does not see point on first line: Copy point to second line

2. Line tool does not snap to points in inactive / not focused pattern: Start line drawing in the active pattern, then scroll in sequence to target pattern, then it will snap (except first line’s point)

I was wrong about point 2, it actually does “snap” to an existing point within a non-focused pattern, only does not seem to visualize it (painting the circle around the point when the mouse pointer comes near to it)

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Same accounts for interpolating with Ctrl+I. You have to interpolate till the end of the pattern and again from the beginning of the next pattern.