Automation But Different...

This is coming from the new generation of renoise users
yeah pretty much, i cn’t use the pattern commands to save my life, so basically i was thinking, cos the new piano roll is coming in, can we make the automation slightly easier to use and have it following it with same sort of view, but instead of having to switch between patterns as it can get slightly confusing to create sweeping movements etc… ,

i reckon it would be better if it was a continuos thing which lasted the pattern editor… i’m dyslexic and stupid so can’t really put word to letters… hopefully you guys understand.

what new piano roll that is “coming in”?

A general thing: If the “new generation” is WEAKER than the older one, it’s not really the new generation. It’s just a bunch of fools living alongside the new generation until they get killed off. Just thought I’d share that ^_^

yeah there are screenshots and everything!
but the fools get educated by the old and so learn the good stuff earlier, and so they end up revolting and end up making fantastic dubstep (i wish) and tell taktik to do pointless upgrades…

Don’t get fooled by the screenshots, they are just mock up’s , visualized ideas of how the piano roll should/could look like when it eventually arrives…and it’s all a verry subjective matter …
The internet is full of screenshots ,pictures …so that makes it real huh.?

Don’t mind me, I don’t speak for anyone but my own bitter self :lol: I’m also a hypocrite. I haven’t used the hydra device to this day, yet I bitch about Renoise being dumbed down… NUFF SAID. But still… if you feel a melody or whatever, you will be able to enter it even with your toes, that’s my opinion… and all this stuff about one-click music just makes me cringe.

Deep inside, I probably just envy people for being lazy and still having a good time. :huh: