Automation Control

I would like more accuracy with automation. The idea is similar to acid in that you can right click automation points and set whatever value it allows. I know that you can hold shift and right click a point for a more accurate placement, but I think this would be much quicker, and even more accurate. In example, “anykey” + right clicking on the point will bring up a small box that allows you to write in the value for that point.

I hope that made sense… Like it? Dislike it?

mikey likes it!! :D

It makes sense and i also brought that idea up.

But there is however a solution that works pretty close:pick the DSP / VST slider that you are automating, click the button so that you see the graphic curve icon.
In the pattern editor, move to the row you want the value to start.
Type your value you want the node to have, now right-click on the slider, now the node should get that value.

This still ain’t very precise as the slider unfortunately responds to the mouse coordinates when a mouseclick is being applied (regardless wether left or right).
But you can figure out more easily what positions to give your mousepointer to get as near as possible than trying to do this inside the automation window. (again here ctrl-click / drag is fine-value movement)

I posted a request to stop sliders from responding when rightclick is performed upon them. I hope this will be fixed in the next edition.