Automation Curves (Once Again)

Hi, guys!

Keeping in mind that automation editor stuff was “touched” in current beta, I’d like to re-up the ol’good story about ability to use (or “to generate”?) true bezier curves and true (square?) ramps (the ones with zero time transition between two points). I think many of Renoise users will be very thankfull to you for that.

And some more thoughts:

1. envelope part duplication along all available envelope length
2. additional control in envelope editor: “scale envelope” which will give the ability to scale envelope values along all its length. So it can be possible, for example, to kind of “fade” (out or in) some existing envelope… It seems to me this feature will sure add some “handiness” to sound control…


PS: Btw, thanks to all the devs for the new 2.7b and all hard work being done!!! :)

noone need it? :huh: :(

i have thought about bezier-curves before. but if you’re gonna do it in automation, why not do it in all of the ‘curve-editors’ as well?
i never posted the suggestion of bezier as i figured its a bit much. what exactly would be the benefit with respect to what we have now? lets just say its not on top of my list.

the ramps are (almost) implemented through the higher resolution (zoom in to 256 ticks-option in the Automation Editor), where zooming out gives you a ramp that is as-good-as square.

Sure, it would be just perfect!!!

Well, so we can get just almost any curviness we need. Now we have to draw it manually by points. And it’s much less productive, i guess.

My bad!!! Didn’t think about! You’re right - ramps are off the wish-list, as we have them (almost ;)) already!

And what about the two additions I mentioned in my first post? As for curve part distribution - now we have to do manual “copy-insert”. I wish we could have one more menu item - “Insert with repeat” (or simply “Distribute”) just under the “Insert” item.

And one more:

  1. Switchable (enable/disable) tick-snapping selection mode.(Beginning and ending position of selection is snapped by ticks)

Definitely wouldn’t mind it, for ease and quickness, just wonder about the true (square) ramps bit. At the new 1/256 of a line resolution this is already possible, ‘true square’ would merely be visual, as perceptional within a certain range of milliseconds you won’t notice any difference anyway. Still it should be easier to set up as, right now zooming in the automation editor is a pain in the ass (doesn’t zoom at cursor)!

Think bezier curves (or at least adjustable both ways exponential/logarithmic curves) was quite possibly my first ever request on this forum and would still love to see it.

Not sure instant ramps is so important now, especially as instant (displayed) is never actually instant in any sequencer as they all work to a particular ppqn anyway. I think setting it up at adjacent points on the 256 per line is probably good enough. Although an easy way to do it, eg allowing you to set it up even though snap is set to one line, would be good. Maybe have them displayed as instant but still work on the 256 divisions…

Have you tried setting the Zoom quantize to “free”?

Nope :)

What is the advantage of the fractional zooming when it doesn’t stay at cursor level, it is just disorientating right now.

I really have this feeling that automation envelopes can be generated via lua scripting :)