Automation Envelope (Points Setting Specifically)

i was editing points in the automation envelope, and i noticed how i missed a feature that is available in the Reason (4) Matrix pattern sequencer. when editing a point, a thin dotted line with certain opacity appears along the entire length (horizontal) of the envelope. that way, you can easily make sure you place a certain point exactly at the position of another point, because you can just line them up. i know i can edit values manually and line up my points that way, but this method i think is way easier.

interesting feature.

+1 for better automation editor!

Can we get tool-tips for points, so that when you hover over them you get Lines they are position on and their value in a little tool-tip by the pointer please.

yes, i thought of this as well this weekend, but i already posted 2 suggestions and didn’t want to seem too… ‘pushy’.