Automation, "in Use" Checkmark

In the Automation panel, on the left side, it would be nice to have a check-mark to hide all the Automation options that are not being used. It’s not great scrolling through a list of 25 automation parameters to find “Cutoff”, if there was a button that hid everything I had not previously edited, I could find stuff quicker, i could also study other people’s tracking techniques quicker.


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I’m sure this has been mentioned elsewhere but this thread came up first in the search.

I’m working on something now where I’m automating 4 parameters out of around 300 in one particular vst effect, scrolling up and down the list of all those parameters watching for that little flash of blue is very tedious.

The new automation window’s search box makes this slightly better, but there are still loads of extraneous parameters being shown unless you type in the exact name every time.

Being able to just show the ones you want is pretty essential for me!

Should be fairly simple to code, no?

+1 for the original suggestion, plus:

in all search boxes, allow use of the pipe symbol ( “|” ), acting as OR, so “cutoff|wet|reverb” would show all parameters that have either cutoff, wet or reverb in their name.

… better yet, let’s just get RegEx support :)



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Also, to add to this, the ability to view overlapping or parallel automations…you can see pattern effects simultaneously…seeing automation would be cool in the same way.

But yeah, +1 to original idea, too.

i agree, good idea conner… especially when i have several VSTs which offer tens of parameters, then browsing for automated one (even if it’s marked) is sometimes… you know…

search window for parameter sounds interesting, too =)