[automation] Io Switch In Each Of The Automation List Effect Headings

this is just something that feels right, right?

each automatable dsp has a heading and a sub list, the heading is curiously not used.

but what if.

those dsp device headings could be used for turning on an off the dsp devices?

an maybe the trackvolpan, could turn off the track.

And someday we’ll have Psyclle’s machine view :w00t:

Seriously though, yeah, I think this is a good idea. The mixer in 1.8 is the first thing to visualize effects as boxes, it makes me feel so comfortable. Yeah, we have the internal representation, now we just need to have a graphical view.

i’m not sure if i really explained this properly earlier.

if you were to look here,

that automation page isnt being used for anything is it?
so all the other device heading pages is not being used, correct?
all the frame work is there already.
an since there is no automatable way to turn tracks on an off, or turn devices on an off.
i had been thinking this function would fill in that blank nicely.
or maybe it cant be used for reasons i’m not aware of.

anyway. its not important. tho it had been on my mind an thought i should point it out.

“but it could workie!”
i said.

as i turned an ran, slowmotion out of this thread…



Why isn’t a normal envelope suitable for turning devices on and off? There are many plugins that I automate that have only have 2 values for a given parameter. It seems that usually, anything above 50% is ‘on’, and below is ‘off’, but this really depends on how the effect was coded. I think it’s safe to say that 0% is ‘off’ and 100% is ‘on’ would be logical and expected behavior!

This is a cool suggestion, BTW. Sometimes, track effects for turning the effects on and off can be a little hard to find if there’s a stray one somewhere …

Oh, yeah, I got your idea somewhat wrong (but the wrong impression was also a good idea :lol: ). Now I get it! And it’s a very good idea. Heads up!