Automation ->Pattern Command


I would like to know if an envelope drawn in the envelope editor can be somehow moved to a pattern command? Since one envelope can be seen at a time it is difficult to keep track of what’s happening to other ones in other tracks etc. However everything is quite clear(for me at least) when I look at the pattern commands. On the other hand, it’s difficult to use pattern commands for automating sliders, knobs & such, often you have to use interpolation instead of just placing another point in the env.editor. Is there any way to solve it?

Thanks in advance!

Well, it could be done with a script, but the interpolation difference between two pattern effect commands on two rows and two points in automation is 2 steps vs 256 steps as automation shifts from one point to another with the delay interpolation.
So i assume this is for automation that doesn’t need to be that smooth.

Yeah, you’re right. By copying envelope settings to pattern effects the curve will loose some(128 times!) on it’s resolution but I guess it’s still ok. Script, you mean that it could be done for example in a tool?

Yes but by approach. It is hard to translate e.g. 61.243dB into a pattern effect command so you also loose in precision if that regards multiple decimals. And if you need a specific value to reach an exact tipping point of a parameter, it would sucks if there isn’t any pattern effect value matching that.