Automation Possibilities

OK, as far as i’m concerned about automating curve in renoise that is now of triangle type, is it possible to have it as square or sawtooth wave kind, like we have in Cubase?

Also, if it is not possible, how do i make some kind of simple arpeggiation with just volume automation? Let’s say i have pads and i want to make some rhythmic variations of it (arpeggio) but volume should be cut fast (not the triangle way) and come back fast again, like in square waveform mode. How can i do that?


Can not have two automation points per line so can only ramp it, although can be quite fast and almost indistinguishable depending on your song settings.

If you just want to do instant changes you can change the automation curve type to Points, rather than Linear. Or you can use Pattern Effect commands.

In pattern, if i set volume to 00 and then FF (or 7F) it doesn’t work

Curve type - points, it doesn’t really change the sound, just the GUI part

Both of those should work.

You could also use a LFO.

You might want to add a Gainer effect at the end of you DSP chain and do it on that, or maybe somewhere else within the chain, depending on exactly how you want it to cut the sound.

setting gainer to -INF and to 0 with pattern FX commands would give clicks :(

Points are instantaneous, but if you get clicks, then don’t use the volume automation…instead use Filter3, going from fully on to off to cut the sound, and but add a little bit of inertia, voila - no clicks.