Automation Problem

In this screenshot:…emp/renoise.png

you can see that I have the automation parameter for ‘Volume’ selected, but there is no automation envelope regardless of the fact that there is a lit up icon indicating this. I don’t want the automation, and I don’t want that icon to be there because it isn’t on any other tracks. So why is it there? A bug maybe? How do I get rid of it?

Hmm, by the way, I just noticed that in another pattern where a filter dsp is automated, there isn’t an icon lit up to show this. Is this how it should work? So when there’s no automation it’s lit up, but when there isn’t then it isn’t? :blink:

No, if I remember correctly there isn’t.

Filter? Hmm, I think Void Pointer may have automated that, can’t remember, but I’ll check back as soon as I do some composing again.

Well, I don’t like any of the other colour themes, but I’ll check at some stage. I have enough mastering work to last me for another two months, so it’ll be a while yet until I fire up Renoise to do some composing again.

Thanks though. Will come back to this when I have the time for it.

In the “default” colorscheme, a used automation scheme is lit green and when it is not actively in the pattern, it is lit white. However, the white icon indicates that automation is being used on that track somewhere and may have ended up in a value that might cause behaviour that would raise questions. e.g.: Why is the volume in this track so low, i thought it supposed to be full here.

Then you scroll back two sequences and you notice some automation value ended down at that volume level.