Automation Problems With Mac

Hey all lovely tracker users,

Sorry if this is a stupid question but I am trying to do as instructed here: at 14:44, the alternate ways to automate (both recording as it goes along and editing it step by step) but it’s not working.

I have the track to be automated selected but when (with the right mouse button) I move the parameter it doesn’t do anything, nothing comes up to the right of the note data on the track.

What am I doing wrong. Ironically, this is one of the prime reasons I wanted to start using renoise/trackers, for their pin point automation accuracy.

Also, when I move the DSP parameters whilst playing it doesn’t record this data either/nothing happens.

I am on a mac, is that anything to do with it?

Cheers guys :yeah:

Most likely, you need to toggle to pattern fx recording instead of recording to envelopes. Quoting from the manual:

Make sure you are dragging the slider using the right mouse button, when you want to record the movement.

Hope this helps!

3555 Screen shot 2012-08-10 at 17.19.46.png

Okay, found that through here: (pretty sure this isn’t shown in the above tutorial; though, otherwise VERY good so far + can’t complain about free in-depth tutorials).

Thank you. Now I can input into individual lines BUT I am still unable to record automation when playing back :( . DEFINITELY USING THE RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON ;) Tried it in both normal play back and playback with record selected and when I move the slider it just changes the value of the automation on the single line of the track that’s selected.

Any advice?

Is your pattern follow on? I’ve not been using automation recording, but sounds like this could be it?

Hi, “Is your pattern follow on?” I don’t know what this means. I’m not simple ;) , I literally bought and downloaded renoise this morning and started going through the above posted tutorial.

Could you elaborate?

Ah, ok, sorry. Pattern follow is described here. You can find the button in your transport panel (the on e with play, stop, rec buttons), the second one from right. Next to metronome toggle button.

Thats was it. Muchos gracias senior. To an experienced renoiser this question must have seen ridiculous, but I guess that’s what the beginners section is for. :)

Hey, whaddyaknow! Lucky guess by me, great it worked.
Indeed, one shall not fear to ask beginner questions in the beginner questions forum. :)

Even if you are a Vet.

I’ve got quite a few more (questions) coming. I don’t like taking up forum space. Contemplating starting a ‘Tracker Newb’ thread to ask all my newb questions in and save littering the forum; what would you humans think to this? One other problem I’m having is with the search function within renoise. It doesn’t seem to find things in my computer???

What are you looking for, that you need to find? If you are talking about this search function, this is only going to find VST Fx, that reside inside of VST Folders, that you have setup inside of your Renoise Preferences.

Uploaded with

Hey. I’m searching for samples in my computer, amens, drum hits etc, in the top search section. I can access them through going through a lot of files, but the search function doesn’t seem to retrieve anything here?

The save function? Maybe mistaking it for a search function?


Let me know… cause I don’t know any search function up there… but like I said in your other thread, “with Renoise, and programs like it, daws, etc… we learn something new each day.”


Edit = in your preferences under GUI, there’s the option for tooltips… its good to keep that one… if you hover on a box long enough, the tooltip will popup and let you know what your are looking at…


The search function in the diskbrowser only filters the current folder. It doesn’t search recursively into your current selected root folder.

:o Just as 2 daze j, I had no idea that was there.

Teehee, KMaki, 2 daze j, who’s the newb now? ;) (joking, obviously).

So vV, I’m guessing I need to organise my sample folders separate to renoise to make them better/more easily accessible?

Is there any way of saving folders in the renoise browser to enable quick access rather than going through, Hard drive-User-Music-Production-Samples-Amens, etc etc yada yada?

Is this what the save function does?

You can rightclick on any of the preset number buttons in the diskbrowser to store the current folder location as a hotspot so that you can browse it again. Though you only have four buttons per file type so make a wise rearrangement of your sample folders in 4 comprehensible sub-roots (“Beats”, “bass”, “leads”, “junk”).