Automation Question

In the automation section for each track lets say for instance I can draw a pan line from far left to far right over the course of the 64 line pattern.
If I wanted to do the same but over say over 3 patterns how do I do it without Renoise treating each pattern as an individual and drawing each automation line separately?
In a nutshell I want to draw one straight line from pattern 3 panned left to pattern 6 panned right.

  • Zoom out the Automation view so that you can see all 3 patterns at once.
  • Enable the Line tool.
  • Click a point somewhere in pattern 1.
  • Click a point somewhere in pattern 3.
  • Done.

pretty much impossible as of yet, if i understand what you mean (namely, be able later to change the points and still have the line be a straight one instead of crooked :D)… one can circumvent this by using for instance an lfo for it (offset=50%, ampl=100%, freq=192, type=saw) that’s off at moments you don’t need the panning to shift (you can then use ‘point’ envelopes to have the song reset panning at a certain point in time), and on/reset (X001/XC00) when you want it to start/restart, resp.

Holy mother of god! How did this line tool slip past me? Has that always been there?

Since automation zooming was introduced, yes.


:panic: Well now I feel ridiculous.