Automation Ramp Icons?

Hi, previous to 2.7 or so there used to be these cool automation ramp icons in the Automation editor… What happened to them?
I see that there’s Automation:Generate:Create Linear Ramp / Create Exp Ramp - yet they vanished from the Automation editor?

Another, how to switch between Automation:Tools:Draw Tool/Line Tool with one shortcut? I don’t see anything in the API that would allow for that (at least they’re not called tool, draw, line or ramp)… Just wondering :)

I believe the buttons are gone and they are now access through right-click context menu or by setting up a keyboard shortcut.

You mean using one shortcut to cycle through them, rather than a shortcut for each one separately? Not possible natively but as you say might be possible with scripting and the API. Have to check to see what mode you are currently in, then if X change to Y, if Y change to Z and if Z change to X. Know toggle shortcuts for other functions have been done with the API so might be possible…

I hope they’ll eventually come back :) (they were very, very nice to have for those who basically don’t use automation for anything other than a fade in or a fade out.

I’ve tried looking but so far haven’t found a way to set Line/Draw via the API, or at least haven’t found anything that seems to logically point towards switching or toggling.[].tracks[]:find_automation(parameter)[].tracks[]:create_automation(parameter)[].tracks[]:delete_automation(parameter)[].tracks[].automation[], _observable[].tracks[].automation[]:clear()[].tracks[].automation[]:copy_from()[].tracks[].automation[]:has_point_at(time)[].tracks[].automation[]:add_point_at(time, value)[].tracks[].automation[]:remove_point_at(time)[].tracks[].automation[].dest_device[].tracks[].automation[].dest_parameter[].tracks[].automation[].playmode, _observable[].tracks[].automation[].length[].tracks[].automation[].points, _observable[].tracks[].automation[].points[].time[].tracks[].automation[].points[].value  

If the tool switching is available somewhere, then I have no idea what it’s called :)